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“Archangel Michael Hospice” Palliative Care Center and PASYKAF join forces.

April 11, 2022

Οn Friday, April 8, 2022 a strategic cooperation agreement was signed between the “Archangel Michael Hospice” Palliative Care Center in Pafos and PASYKAF. The aim of the agreement is for the multidisciplinary interdisciplinary teams of both organizations to work closely together so that the best possible palliative and End of Life care is provided to all persons with cancer experience and other terminal illnesses ,by offering supportive and palliative care in both in-hospital and in their own home environment.

The agreement was signed by the Executive Directors of both organizations. Mrs. Mona Theocharides on behalf of “Archangel Michael Hospice” and Mr. Nikolas Philippou on behalf of PASYKAF. Also present were Dr. Kyriakos Stylianides, PASYKAF Palliative Care Doctor, and Dr. Natasha Mala, General Pathologist and associate of the “Archangel Michael Hospice”.

The Executive Director of PASYKAF, Mr. Nikolas Philippou, expressed his great joy and satisfaction as, by reaching and activating this cooperation, the two organizations will have the opportunity to upgrade the services they provide to people with cancer experience and their families. Furthermore, they will be able to focus on educational issues thus upgrading the quality of these services. Mrs. Mona Theocharides, also, expressed her own joy and enthusiasm for this cooperation. She stressed its importance for patients living in Pafos District as they will be able to receive via both organizations, the best possible supportive and palliative care. She also mentioned that “Archangel Michael” Hospice will soon provide its services as part of the General Health System (GESY).